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Doodle Videos: Innovating Presentations

Doodle Videos

wizMotions-doodle-videosDoodle videos are fast becoming the favorite medium to present ideas and messages. Whether it be corporate presentations, online advertising, or content marketing doodle videos are able to convey the message clearly to the target audience that even a 7 year old would be able to understand.

Prior to doodle videos and whiteboard animation, presentations were either made using PowerPoint or hiring a video production company or an advertising company to create a video. Creating a PowerPoint presentation proved to be time consuming with all the time spent creating each slide — making sure the animation effects are captivating, typing/pasting the content, sourcing images to use, and converting the presentation into video or slideshow. On top of that most of the time, it needs to have a presenter to discuss the presentation to an audience. As for hiring a video production company, the company or individual needed to have lots of cash because it was expensive to produce video.

Doodle videos are an innovative way to create presentations since these videos are captivating, fun to watch, and the audience easily understands what the subject is all about. In this day and age, with all the businesses vying for customers’ attention on the internet, a company has to be innovative in order to survive the competition. A company cannot be vague or not provide enough information that the lead will have a hard time figuring out what this company wants from them.

If you are a company or just a person trying to find a way to present an idea or service, a doodle video is what you need. But don’t just pluck any video production company; make sure you find one that has the reputation and skills to make a killer animated video.

Whiteboard Animation for Content Marketing

Whiteboard Animation for Video Marketing

whiteboard-animation-content-marketingWhiteboard animation is fast becoming a trend when it comes to content marketing. Content marketing used to be all about writing articles, spinning articles, and posting articles on the internet. These methods often involved writing one master article and spinning it up to the nth degree and going through various article submissions sites in the hopes that potential customers/clients will be able to stumble upon these articles and visit the website.

But those days are long gone and have been replaced with a different kind of marketing strategy. Videos have proven to be a more effective tool when it comes to content marketing. Networking giant Cisco estimates that 69% of web traffic by 2017 will be credited to video marketing.

Statistics show that having a video on the homepage greatly increases traffic to the site as opposed to just having articles and blogs posted. Studies about online purchasing behavior have shown that potential customers and online shoppers have expressed that videos have helped them make a decision whether to buy or avail of a product or service.

To prove this fact a little further, a study was conducted by Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research and the results showed that one video alone is equivalent to 1.8 million words, a whole lot more than that 300-500 word article. And that is why a lot of online companies nowadays are scrambling to have a video on their homepage.

When it comes to video marketing, whiteboard animation videos are proving to be an effective and cost efficient form of content marketing. Whiteboard animation video production does not cost as much as traditional video production. A lot of money is saved because there is no need to hire an actor, a film production crew, et cetera. There are so many people and processes involved in making a regular ad that in the end the cost would be overwhelming. In whiteboard animation video production, there is just the voice talent, video editor, and graphic artist most of the time. On top of that, it takes a shorter amount of time to produce a whiteboard animation video. One does not need to break the bank to advertise online and a company can also achieve the desired results.

Since the production of whiteboard animation videos are gaining such high demand, a lot video production companies are sprouting everywhere throughout the internet. Due to this, making a decision can be quite difficult but the main rule of thumb is to check the company’s portfolio and reputation to make sure the video produced is of high quality. Rather than discuss about what their skills are, let their videos do the talking.

The Most Competent Company to Provide You Animated Whiteboard Videos

wizMotions : The Experts To Go To for Animated Whiteboard Videos

wizmotions-animated-whiteboard-videosThe Internet is a really good venue for marketing. But the fact still remains that there are millions of other websites online. This is why if you want to advertise online, you need to be able to get the attention of web users. One thing that you can do is to employ video marketing. Videos can easily go viral on the Internet. For a unique kind of video that will surely capture the attention of Internet users, use animated whiteboard videos.

An animated whiteboard video is a simple video that involves sketching and explaining. Compared to other kinds of videos, whiteboard animation is a lot simpler. But its simplicity provides a lot of advantages. It can be easily understood. It is also light, fun and engaging. Anyone can easily grasp the idea and messages in whiteboard animations.

If you want animated whiteboard videos to help you advertise, there are companies that offer this kind of service. All you need is to hire the most competent one.

The Next Big Thing in Video Marketing

next-big-thing-video-marketingMany people are very reliant to the Internet. This is probably the reason why marketing online is such a good idea. The Internet provides marketers a wider target reach in a much lower cost. One of the most effective marketing strategies online is video marketing. In this marketing strategy, videos are being used in order to get the attention of the target market and to communicate messages.

Whiteboard animation is surely the next big thing in video marketing. This is a simple video composed of sketching, story, messages and voiceovers. It may sound very simple but whiteboard animations are really proven effective. Web users are drawn to its simplicity. Whiteboard animation is able to communicate the message in an easy to understand way. In a matter of minutes and even a few seconds, the message can be clearly communicated.

If you want to get the attention of your target clients, you might want to consider the use of video marketing. If you want a fun and unique way of advertising, you should try whiteboard animation.