Doodle Videos

wizMotions-doodle-videosDoodle videos are fast becoming the favorite medium to present ideas and messages. Whether it be corporate presentations, online advertising, or content marketing doodle videos are able to convey the message clearly to the target audience that even a 7 year old would be able to understand.

Prior to doodle videos and whiteboard animation, presentations were either made using PowerPoint or hiring a video production company or an advertising company to create a video. Creating a PowerPoint presentation proved to be time consuming with all the time spent creating each slide — making sure the animation effects are captivating, typing/pasting the content, sourcing images to use, and converting the presentation into video or slideshow. On top of that most of the time, it needs to have a presenter to discuss the presentation to an audience. As for hiring a video production company, the company or individual needed to have lots of cash because it was expensive to produce video.

Doodle videos are an innovative way to create presentations since these videos are captivating, fun to watch, and the audience easily understands what the subject is all about. In this day and age, with all the businesses vying for customers’ attention on the internet, a company has to be innovative in order to survive the competition. A company cannot be vague or not provide enough information that the lead will have a hard time figuring out what this company wants from them.

If you are a company or just a person trying to find a way to present an idea or service, a doodle video is what you need. But don’t just pluck any video production company; make sure you find one that has the reputation and skills to make a killer animated video.